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3 Qualities to Look for in a Luxury Apartment or Townhouse

Luxury apartments and townhouses are more than just a place to house your belongings. They are a space where you feel confident, calm and comfortable – a reflection of who you are and what you consider to be important in life. Whether you are an investor or an owner occupier, luxury apartments provide an opportunity to live centrally without sacrificing on comfort, style or space.

Here are 3 qualities that you should look for in a luxury apartment or townhouse:

Premium Architecture

Luxury apartments should feature premium architecture inside and out. They should be contemporary, clean, well-maintained, premium quality and designed by experienced architects. Luxury apartments should emanate a sense of style, comfort and opulence that is simply not seen in run-of-the-mill apartment blocks.

Luxurious Inclusions

On the inside, luxury apartments and townhouses should feature faultless interior design and the best quality furniture, fittings and appliances. Unlike regular apartment blocks, luxurious residences include opulent features like hardwood floors, European cabinetry, state of the art kitchens, modern appliances, ensuites with bathtubs, walk-in closets and more. They are far from basic, and provide everything the dweller needs to live a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. With stunning views, courtyards and private terraces, as well as plenty of space, they are perfect for entertaining friends and family. Luxury apartments should also feature exceptional communal facilities like rooftop pools and/or gardens.

Central Location

Luxurious apartments are generally located near the CBD. They should be close to public transport, schools and parks as well as destinations for eating, drinking and shopping. Thanks to their locations, luxurious apartments and townhouses should include fantastic city views – and a deck or outdoor space for enjoying them.

Siera Group Residences

Overall, luxurious apartments and townhouses provide inner-city living that residents can be proud of. At Siera Group, we specialise in developing residences that radiate luxury, comfort, value and style. If you have any questions about our approach to property development, don’t hesitate to contact us.